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Doyley & The Twanglords -Twang Solo

by Diablo Records

Twangzilla 02:25
Hava Nagaila 02:26
Graviton 02:07
Zorch X14 02:15
The 4D Man 02:31
Marisnatchi 03:17
The Torturer 02:56
The Shaft 01:55
D-Twang 02:41
El Diablo 03:52


Review from Die Psychocouch

Twenty shades of surf – „Twang Solo“ by DOYLEY & THE TWANGLORDS awakens the Dead Sea
Sometimes you see an album cover and you are sure from the start that this one will make you happy, without having listened to a single note. You are right: With a Diablo Release it is even more safe to say, that disappointment is unlikely. However in the case of „Twang Solo“ it was the Artwork by Eugenio Magno, showing Doyley as one of my most important childhood heroes Han Solo surrounded by the deadly seed from „Day of the Triffids“ felt a lot like: This was made for me. I know, there’s a lot of people out there, that are rather sceptic concerning instrumental albums. Maybe this is one of the record that will convince people that it makes no difference if there are vocals or if it’s the guitar that sings. Believe me: The 20 tracks on „Twang Solo“ by DOYLEY & THE TWANGLORDS guarantee 100 % entertainment.
The party kicks off with „Twangzilla“, where Godzilla, king oft he monsters is announced, before we face a unique mix of tribal choirs that could also work as an evocation for King Kong, great guitar twang, an organ that recalls the „Munsters-Theme“ to mind and a saxophone sound that somehow makes me think of „Comanche“ by THE REVELLS. Without a break we are delivered the hebrew folksong „Hava Nagila“ (here: „Hava Nagaila“) in a version that will add well to surfing on the Dead Sea. You are right, maybe this is not the best place to get on the board and have fun, but who cares, as long as the music is good? And if anyone has the power to bring these waters back to live, it is DOYLE & THE TWANGLORDS. The track offers a good mixture of fun-packed dancable parts, a driving bridge with a pogo-beat and a lacing of floor tom voodoo.
If you are not impressed and enthused by this double-feature opening for the album, you should at least get excited about the amount of spy movie, B-movie horror and SciFi references the titles provide. „The Day Of The Triffids“ is dawning with a classic, psych0-infected surf-tune, „The Spy Who Came In From The Cold“ shows Philip Doyle in the mood for some dimly lit bar-atmosphere. Saxophone included. But don’t feel to safe. Just when you relax completely and lay your feet on the table, the „Surf Bitch“ will draw back your chair and make you slip arese over tit. It’s like an outburst of fury., before we have to face the „Revenge Of The Morlocks“. Here the guitar is distorted and some strange machine sounds are coming in. „Django II Bastardo“ quite naturally sounds different: Western atmosphere and acoustic guitars, partly played in hispano style, partly used in a mandolin way set the mood, before the surf theme is coming in and takes over. This should be enough to illustrate the diversity of these recordings that were picked from overall 40 tracks.
„Twang Solo“ is one of the most entertaining instrumental albums I heard so far. Not only because oft he diversity in style, but also because oft he detailed arrangements. The very beginning of „The 4D Man“ for example reminded me pleasantly on „Ghost Town“ by THE SPECIALS. In „Marisnatchi“, rattlesnakes wriggle around the recording desk. Tracks like „The Torturer“ that starts as a deadly alliance of electric bass and fuzz guitar are spiced up with short dialogue samples, while the melodies are throughout persuasive. Classic surf-tracks alternate with other facettes like the fantastic psychobilly-instrumental „Johnny Dangerously“. So where’s the beef? Well… the vinyl is almost sold out. Well deserved because of the quality, but folks, you gotta hunt it now. Or get the digital version – which still is much better than missing it.


released April 28, 2017


all rights reserved



Diablo Records London, UK

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